Cutlass Capital is a private venture capital partnership investing exclusively in the health care industry. Cutlass Capital was established in August 2001 by Jon Osgood and David Hetz with committed capital of over $57 million. We evaluate equity investment opportunities in companies at all stages of development and in all sectors of the health care industry, with a particular focus on the medical device and specialty health care services sectors. Our offices are in Boston and San Francisco.

We believe that a venture capitalist's role with a portfolio company should go far beyond providing financial capital. Our goal is to actively contribute our relationships, experience, and expertise toward creating and maximizing value in each Cutlass Capital portfolio company.

Having spent nearly all of our respective careers in health care, we have a vast network of corporate, entrepreneur, and co-investor relationships and contacts. Furthermore, we have extensive strategic, corporate development, and capital raising experience, both in the private and the public markets. Working closely with each portfolio company, we are dedicated to creating value through strategic advice, helping to build the management team, regulatory guidance, clinical and technical expertise, financial planning, etc. Ultimately, whether in a sale to a strategic acquirer, merger or public offering, Cutlass Capital is ideally positioned to help each portfolio company realize its greatest value.